Important Information

What the Modern Awards Pay Database Application Programming Interface (MAPD API) does

Our Modern Awards Pay Database (MAPD) contains the minimum rates of pay, allowances, overtime and penalty rates in modern awards. The MAPD API provides a way to access data contained within the MAPD. 

What the MAPD API doesn’t do

The MAPD API data doesn’t tell you: 

  • which modern award or classification applies to an employer and employee 

  • which entitlements are payable under an award to an employee

  • whether (and what) other industrial instrument may apply to an employer (for example, an enterprise agreement) that may set an employee’s entitlements (only modern award rates are specified in the MAPD API), and/or 

  • whether there have been changes that occur to a modern award that may impact the above. 

Knowing this information and getting this right is important to make sure employees are paid correctly.  This is the responsibility of each employer. You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman or get legal advice about these and other matters.

The MAPD API data must be read together with the relevant modern award. If there is an inconsistency between the two, the modern award prevails.

Before you start using the MAPD API

Before you use the MAPD API, you must read our Terms of Use (Terms).  You should know that:

  • The MAPD API data is for information purposes only. We do our best to make sure it’s accurate when published, but we can’t guarantee its accuracy, currency or completeness. 

  • We can change the Terms at any time. We will tell you in writing if a change negatively affects you.

  • By continuing to use the MAPD API, you accept any change to the Terms. If you do not accept a change to the Terms, don’t use the MAPD API. 

  • We don’t accept liability for you using the MAPD API data, or for any loss or damage to you from relying on the data.  We also don’t accept liability for any loss or damage to a third party who you give the data to. This means that if such a third party sues us, we will hold you responsible for any liability we have to them, unless we would have been liable to the third party had we provided the information to them directly. 

You are responsible for exercising due diligence before relying on the information and materials made available via the MAPD API. You should seek independent legal advice or contact the Fair Work Ombudsman regarding any queries about employee entitlements/claims for underpayment of wages.  

Questions and problems

If you have a question or want to tell us about a problem with the MAPD API, email the Modern Awards Team at